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    Car Safety & Children

    buckle me up™ | keeping your kids safe in the car

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    Seat Belt Safety For Kids

    buckle me up™ is a one of a kind kids seat belt alert system for the backseat

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    Kids Backseat Safety

    We want your kids to stay safe in the backseat, "never look back" with buckle me up™

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The Device

The Device | Child Safety

Hear The Alerts

Be alerted. your buckle me up™ will beep if your child unbuckles in the backseat. This is especially important over long trips, as children that unbuckle at the start of the trip can stay unbuckled for hours on end. Keep your kids safe with buckle me up™

See The Signal

Your buckle me up™ will also alert you with flashes to visibly alert you when your child is unbuckled. You will also be informed before your journey how many seat belts are fastened, ensuring your child is buckled from start to finish.

Easy To Use

buckle me up™ is easy to use, with one simple button used to operate the device. Simply place it in your line of vision and use the button when necessary. Never look back with this child seat belt reminder keeping your kids safe in the backseat.

Easy To Charge

Simply use the USB adapter to charge the dash-board device. The device comes with a cigarette lighter power plug which promptly charges the device. When the battery is getting low, a blue light will flash, alerting you of the need for a quick charge

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Looking Out For Your Kid's

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The importance of child safety in cars. Make sure your kids are always safe and secure while you are driving.

Every parent wants to ensure the safety of their child no matter what the situation. Car safety is one of the most important things to consider for your child. Seat belts are such a simple device that are proven to save people lives. This is why buckle me up™ has invented their child seat belt alert device, to make sure all kids stay safe in the car.

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Whose It For? | Seat Belt Alert System | Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

buckle me up™ safety instruction

buckle me up™ has been made to keep backseat passengers and kids buckled up

However the device should not be used for rear-facing capsules and forward-facing harness restraint car seats.
Instead use it for:

Booster seat: Children 4 to 7 years old.
Adult lap-sash belt: Children 7 to 12 years old (or 145cm and taller).

So please be aware, buckle me up™ is not for infants and toddlers in
rear-facing capsules and forward-facing harness restraint car seats.

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The Importance of Seat Belts For Children

Why seat belts are so important for kids | buckle me up™

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Seat belts are understood to be extremely important as a life saving device. That is twice as true for children with the World Report on Road Traffic injury Prevention showing that seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 75% for backseat passengers (2004). Children are more likely to be injured during a crash, but the likely hood of this can be decreased through seat belts.

In an issue of the American Journal of Public Health, it is estimated that up to 18 deaths and 1000 serious injuries to children could be prevented each year through proper child restraints (2010). This research shows how such a simple thing can do so much to keep kids safe.

buckle me up™ offers parents a solution to stop kids from unbuckling and being unsafe in the car. It alerts parents that their child has unbuckled, giving them the time they need to get them back into their seat belts.

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Keeping Your Kid's In Their Seat Belts

Ensure your children stay buckled up

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buckle me up™ has a number of tips for keeping your kids safe in the car. As mentioned above, seat belts are the number one safety device for children and buckle me up provides a solution for parents who often drive with their kids in the back. Crashes are the leading cause of death and serious injury on the roads, with 50% of children under the age of seven not being correctly restrained (American Journal of Public Health, 2010).

There are other things parents can do to keep kids safe in the car. Keeping kids happy and occupied is a good way to make sure they don’t distract you, leaving your focus on the road. Being distracted is one of the biggest causes of accidents, so it’s important to make sure you’re focused on the road and not on your kids. Also, be sure your kids stay hydrated over long trips, as it’s easy to get dehydrated, especially during the summer holidays. See more tips at

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Seat Belt Reminder For Booster & Backseats

At buckle me up™ we are driven to ensure all children remain safe on the roads. Using a seat belt is one of the best things your kids can do to stay safe in their seats. But if and when they do unbuckle, make sure you can get them back in their belts fast with buckle me up™. Now just $49.50! Thats 70% Off!


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Seat Belt Alert System For Child Safety

Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe In The Backseat, Buckled Up

Defensive Driving | Seat Belt Alert Device | Keeping Kids Safe

Keep your kids safe over long Christmas drives,
50% of parents say that their child has unbuckled while the car is moving.
Over long drives this can be extremely dangerous.
Make sure you can stay focused, with your children safe in the backseat.
Try the buckle me up™ now only $49.50!

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Benefits of Seat Belt Reminders For Kids

Child seat belt alert | Benefits for kids & parents

No More Unbuckling

The buckle me up™ stops your kids from unbuckling meaning that you don't have to worry about their backseat behaviour.

Safer Kids

The buckle me up™ makes sure your kids are safer throughout every trip, never unbuckling without your knowing.

Safer Driving

The device also reduces the risk to you, as you no longer have to constantly check on your kids, leading to safer driving.

Reduced Stress

Never look back, buckle me up™ reduces the stress on drivers by assuring them their backseat passengers are always buckled up.

Easy To Install

The buckle me up™ is so easy to install anyone could do it! Simply install it like an e-Tag, its that simple!

Family Security

Ensure the safety of your whole family with the device leading to less distractions over long family trips.

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  • Defensive Driving, Driving Instructor Sydney Kids Safe Melbourne, Perth
    This product is great! My son would keep unbuckling over long trips to get more comfortable, even after I told him not to. buckle me up™ has meant that I now know instantly when he unbuckles.
    Erin Bateson 5/5
  • Staying Safe On Australian Roads, Children And Cars, Driveway Safety, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane
    So easy to install! I was able to install the product within minuets and my two young ones are now safe in the backseat.
    Josh Gladwin 5/5
  • Booster Seats, Babies, Infant Safety, Deaths On The Roads, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra
    My family and I were in a crash while I was checking on my kids. Luckily know one was hurt, but we saw the need to introduce to buckle me up™ to the car making sure it never happened again.
    Candice Haywood 4/5